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How to repurpose old wooden toys

How to repurpose old wooden toys

Waste Removal and Clearance Companies are spreading in London. The said business is in demand because in London they have strict law regarding waste disposal, you need to pay for a permit if you are planning to put a skip in the public road. Waste Removal and Clearance Company offers different types of services such as clearing an old unwanted furniture, full house clearance removing everything, clearing garage, clearing offices spaces, clearing lofts, and clearing commercial buildings. Waste Removal and Clearance Company is indeed not just a business but also a great company who has big role for proper waste management. Waste Removal and Clearance Company is also collecting old wooden toys for recycling or repurposing it.

We are repurposing junk materials such as toys because we really care for our nature, that’s why we don’t just throw away unwanted things but we choose to recycle it. Your children have old toys, unused, and they are broken, you could let Waste Removal and Clearance Company to collect it and they will be the one to repurposing it.

If the toys are wooden blocks toys, there are so many ways in repurposing it. Waste Removal and Clearance Company could create more blocks of toys out of your old wooden toys.

Old wooden toys can also be a dinosaur bookend, cut some old dinosaur wooden toys in a half and then attach them to wooden using glue.

Jewelry stand, this repurposing idea is using an old dull house wooden chairs, the result in this creation is fantastic. Different types of toys for this is applicable, creativity has no limits. Use a flat circular wood as the base of your jewelry stand. Using glue just stack the old dull wooden chairs into the base.

Jewelry hanger, use old wooden animal toys to create this jewelry hanger. But still there’s no limit to create another; different types of toys like super heroes, monster etc. will be suitable. You can use your old lumber, cut the lumber about one foot, just paint it any color you want then post it to your wall. Cut the old wooden animals into a half (use the half portion connected to the head) then attach them to the lumber on your wall. The head of the wooden animal toy will be the hook where you can hang your jewelry.

Toy lamp; make a cluster of old wooden toys as the lamp base. This lamp is very creative, and excellent, you just need to use your imagination on how you will going to organize the placement of the toys. The procedure is simple; just stack the toys from the base of your lamp.

Block hooks, use old wooden building blocks for this. Hang your bags, coats, keys and etc. to this creation. The outcome and design to this product is so cool. Just post every single block to your wall using gum, don’t forget to put some space from one block to another.

Animal candle holders, old wooden animal toys will be used for this. The result is excellent! Just put candle holders to the back of your old wooden animals using gum or nail.