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Wooden toys facts

Wooden toys facts

Nowadays, wooden toys for kids are very rare in this present generation. Kids' toys are mostly battery operated, computerized and made of plastic which we all know that it can harm and maybe put us into danger due to the radiation we got from it. It lessens the span of life. While wooden toys, its natural and retain the charm of simplicity.

Early 1900s, wooden toys are extremely popular and were invented by Charles H. Pajeau and Robert Petit . They are featuring some sets of wooden sticks, rods, spokes and spools so that children could use it creating buildings, animals and many others.

At present, wooden toys still exist but it has additional accessories to elaborate more of its art. There are some varieties of wooden toys that were available in this generation. The following are as follows;

  1. Alphabet Blocks
  2. Counting Toys
  3. Puzzles
  4. Mazes
  5. Wooden Beads
  6. Construction Sets
Are wooden toys safe to play? Yes, they are, but still need the supervision of the child's parents because some wooden toys are painted. Just to make sure that it was safe, parents should check the quality of the paint that is not lead-based. On the other hand, these toys are much more expensive than a plastic one because it will last long and it's sturdy. Kids will give importance of the uses of the woods because it has a lot of things we can do and get from it. Wooden toys are the easiest invention of human, yet neglected due to the entertainment and technology that modern times have now.

Despite the competition from computer games and plastic toys, wooden toys are still around trying to continue to be the major sources of attraction for the kids. It also gives benefits not just for the brain development but for the health also. A study shows that playing with wooden toys merely developed the mental capacity, emotional and physical abilities and assures the durability and the natural beauty that anyone could pass these toys from one generation to the next generation.

Are wooden toys are still the best toy to play around? Yes, it is! Aside from its natural beauty and safety, a wooden toy helps develop the motor skills and sensory of the children and bring out the best of their creativity. It is classic appeal and timeless. We can consider also this as great investments through its longevity.

Apparently, new versions of these wooden toys are out in the market but those toys are easily to break because it’s more on plastic.